Support Information

When you rent one of the CSI Fine Arts facilities, your event will be placed on the CSI Fine Arts online Calendar of Events. In addition, you may provide us with posters or flyers for your event to be displayed in the CSI Fine Arts Center. To help us give accurate information to any inquiries we may get about your show from the general public, it is absolutely necessary to the success of your event to provide us with any information available by submitting the CSI Fine Arts Center Event Information Form.

Beyond this, please be advised that while the staff at the CSI Fine Arts Center would be happy to assist you with advice on marketing channels, advertising your event to the public is solely your responsibility. The CSI Fine Arts Center does not create, provide or distribute any PR or advertising for renters through any outside sources.
We have a state-of-the art ticketing system at the CSI Fine Arts Center that allows online sales, phone sales, and in person sales. Ticket sales can be either general admission or reserved seating. If you wish to utilize the electronic ticketing system and the CSI Box Office staff, the following charges apply -

  • Online Ticketing Set-up and Box Office Staff: $250
  • Ticket Sales: $3 per ticket sold
  • Credit Charges: 3% of credit sales
  • Sales Tax: 6% of all sales
  • $3 per order sent in the mail
Another option is to sell your tickets the old-fashioned way, using your own or other community ticket outlets. Please note that the CSI Box Office will not assist with performance questions if tickets are sold independently of CSI. Please also note that the above fees relate to Box Office sales and staff only, and is separate from/does not provide any technical, ushering, ticket taking or volunteer staff.

Note - to help ensure maximum attendance at your event you should allow a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks for advertising and ticket sales prior to the event!
Front of House Information
The CSI Fine Arts Center does not have a paid staff for front-of-the-house, such as ushers, ticket takers, or box office the date of your event. You will need to provide these for your own event. If you are an out-of-the area renter, we may be able to help you find local individuals willing to act in this capacity. If this is the case, please let us now as far in advance of your date as possible. We recommend the following staffing levels in the Fine Arts Auditorium and Theatre to ensure the success of your event:

  • Ticket Booth – 1
  • House Manager – 1
  • Ticket Takers – 4 to 8
  • Ushers – 2 to 4

If tickets are sold, you must provide a ticket booth person. You must bring your own change for at-the-door cash sales. Whole dollar amount prices will allow quicker at-the-door transactions. There are no electronic facilities for at-the-door ticket / credit card sales.

Floor Space for Sales
There is adequate space in the CSI Fine Arts Foyer for merchandise sales before and after your show and during intermission. Please let us know prior to your event that you will need tables set up for this purpose. Once again, you will need to staff the merchandise table and provide change.
Rental of the CSI Fine Arts Center includes the use of our basic lighting and sound equipment systems but it does NOT include persons to set-up or operate that equipment or any labor or production staff for your event beyond your one hour of consultation time. These personnel are available, and sometimes required, at an additional cost. Technical One staff are available at the cost of $25/hour. There are three techs that fall under this level of expertise in lighting, sound, and rigging and each is familiar with the intricacies of the Fine Arts Center technical systems. If you need additional staff to act as spot operators, stage crew, stage managers, load-in, wardrobe, runners, etc., these are available at the cost of $10/hour. All technical staff is hired at a two-hour minimum.

Please let us know your exact labor needs from your event’s start to finish time. Technical personnel needs to be requested a month in advance.
Additional Equipment
As stated above, rental of the CSI Fine Arts Center venues includes the use of our basic lighting and sound equipment systems. If your technical needs are above and beyond those available or you are renting the Atrium, and you want to rent or bring your own equipment for your event, please let us know in advance. Proper operation and compatibility with the Fine Arts Center’s equipment is the responsibility of the equipment provider and cannot be assured.

If you need to rent equipment above and beyond what is in our hall, there are excellent and state of the art choices here in Twin Falls.  Please call us at 732-6288 for references on technical equipment rental. 
Dressing Rooms
The CSI Fine Arts Theatre is fully equipped with an extensive green room, which comes with your rental of that venue. That said, the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium has no set green room or formal dressing room space. Dressing rooms come in the guise of open classrooms and on-stage recital booths. There are no formal showers, private bathrooms, or laundry facilities. While this is a bit challenging, we have managed to present many professional touring groups and local productions with the facilities we do have. If you are renting the auditorium, please indicate on your Facilities Rental Form how many dressing rooms you will be needing, and how many people will be in each. We will try and find the best accommodations possible for you.
Food Service
If you wish to offer light refreshments – cookies, punch, etc. you are welcome to do so in the CSI Atrium, from the kitchen serving area, or the patio should those spaces be open and free of other events during your rental. You are responsible for cleaning up after your event should you exercise this option.

If you wish to have your event formally catered, we recommend Aramark, our on-campus food service contact, which boasts an extensive array of hot and cold food choices for your event. You can contact Aramark at (208) 732-6636.
The CSI Security Staff does regular safety patrols of the CSI campus, including the CSI Fine Arts Center. While the security staff tries to ensure at least a one-person security presence at Fine Arts Events attended by more than 300 patrons and a two-person presence at events attended by more than 600 patrons, this cannot be ensured. Emergencies or other large events occurring on campus sometimes diminish the staff available. If you wish to book a guaranteed security presence at your event, we can help you locate cadets or CSI Security personnel at the rate of $15/hour.
The College of Southern Idaho campus is a dry campus. Because of this, the sale and intake of alcohol while on campus is prohibited.