What you need to know about renting our facility

The person or organization responsible for presenting an event is known as the Producer. The Producer rents the venue from the College of Southern Idaho. The CSI Fine Arts staff oversees the use of the building and is here to assist you, but is not responsible for the presentation of your event. In addition, rental of the CSI Fine Arts Center does not indicate that the event is sponsored by CSI, merely that it is being held there. Use of the phrase “sponsored by” or "presented by" CSI or the College of Southern Idaho is prohibited. 

Essentially what all of this means is; if you approach this process as if you are renting a locked empty building and virtually everything is your responsibility, you will be much better prepared.

Please remember that the planning for a successful event should begin many months in advance. Most activities will require a minimum lead-in time of 90 days before the event date. This does not mean you can wait until 90 days (or less) before your proposed event to inquire about our availability.

The CSI Fine Arts Center venues are on a first come/first served basis. The CSI Fine Arts Auditorium, for instance, is a popular venue and our event calendar can fill up quickly. Dates during some times of the year are scheduled 12 to 24 months in advance. Please submit your Facilities Request Form as soon as possible and preferably a minimum of four to six months before your proposed event.

Please do not use blank days on our Fine Arts Calendar as a guideline for our availability. That page is only an information page for the ticket buying public and it does not include all tentative or private events, classes, times scheduled for event set-up, rehearsals or building repairs, and it is subject to change at any time.

We will try to assist you by anticipating some of your needs, but it is not always possible. The CSI Fine Arts Center and/or some of its services may not be available for your event unless you let us know of your plans and needs in a timely manner. To help prevent the incorrect exchange of vital information, and because it will affect the fees you are charged, most of these services (time in the building, ticket set-up and equipment rental, labor) must be requested in writing.