CSI Fine Arts Center

CSI Fine Arts Center Rental Information

Rental Application Procedure

Step #1 – Call the CSI Events Coordinator

To allow us to hold a date for you in our schedule we need to know who you are and what you have in mind. We also need to verify that the facility is available for the date and time intended, thereby saving you a lot of time and effort. By calling us, we can determine this before any additional steps are taken.

  • CSI Events Coordinator Phone: (208) 732-6805

Step #2 – Fill out the Online Fine Arts Facilities Request Form

Once you have the green light from the CSI Fine Arts staff that the facility is available, you can complete the Online CSI Facilities Request Form, which will be reviewed by the CSI Facilities Use Committee.

Step #3 – Sign the CSI Fine Arts Waiver of Liability form, provide proof of insurance, and send in your booking deposit

If your CSI Facilities Request Form has been approved you will be notified by a letter or e-mail within a couple of weeks. At this point, you are ready for step three, which confirms the rental. Please note that until you complete step three, your proposed event is not guaranteed, you will not be entered into our Schedule of Events, and you should not publicize the event nor sell tickets until you have completed this step.

  • Complete and sign the contract and CSI Fine Arts Waiver of Liability form that will be sent to you along with your event verification.
  • Provide us with a copy of your certificate of liability insurance, naming the College of Southern Idaho as an additional insured. These certificates are readily available from your insurance agent (there may be a fee charged). If you are a private music teacher or similar renter, this certificate may be waived. Please call 732-6805 for more information on waiving the liability insurance
  • Send in your $200 booking deposit (waived for dollar nights and Recital Hall rental).
  • If you are renting as a non-profit, 501C-3 entity, provide us with a copy of your 501C-3 status. Once again, if you are a private music teacher or similar renter, this step may be waived by calling 732-6805.
  • Send all of the above to
    Katie Jones
    College of Southern Idaho
    PO Box 1238
    Twin Falls, ID 83303

Step #4 – Help us help you get the word out

Now that your event is scheduled, there are a couple of things you can provide us to help you get the word out on campus, in our upcoming events handouts, and on our bulletin boards.  Please provide us with three copies of your event posters three weeks before your event and complete and return the Event Information Form.

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