CSI Fine Arts Center

CSI Fine Arts Center Rental Information

Financial Information

Here is a list of the fees associated with booking the Fine Arts Facilities followed by further clarification of financial matters.

CSI Fine Arts Auditorium (930 seats)

  • Daily Rental: $600
  • Weekly Rate: $3,500

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CSI Fine Arts Theatre (320 seats)

  • Daily Rental: $500
  • Weekly Rate: $2,000

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CSI Fine Arts Recital Hall

  • Daily Rental: $150

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CSI Fine Arts Atrium

Use of the Atrium for audience greeting, mingling, merchandise sales, etc., comes with your rental of the Auditorium, Theatre, or Recital Hall. The following rates are for rental of the Atrium by itself. Please Note: During regularly scheduled class times or during the business day, the Atrium cannot be closed to foot traffic moving through the area. In the event that there are concurrent events, the Atrium area must be shared. It is best to rent the Atrium for evening or weekend events, or when classes are not in session.

  • Daily Rental: $500

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Additional Classroom Space

  • $30/hour with a max of $240

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Personnel Rates

Lighting Tech/Sound Engineer $23
CSI Public Safety--per hour $18.00
Custodial/Clean Up--per hour $18.50
Project Coordinator-Set up/Teardown $21.00
Outside Food Vendor $300.00
Stewards/Ushers $11.30
Ticket Takers $11.30
Ticket Sellers $11.30
Security/Parking Attendants $12.00
Stage Manager--per hour $22.60
Electrician $24.00
Spot Operators $11.30
Extraordinary Set up/Tear down/Cleaning $50.00
Uniform Security--per hour (Twin Falls Police) $50.00

(*Please let us know your exact labor needs from start to finish time. If you are on a tight budget and need to keep your tech hours to a bare minimum, please let us know ahead of time so we can streamline your tech.)

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Equipment Rates

Ceiling Projector/Screen/Laptop $75.00
Slide Projector and Screen $40.00
Portable PA System $50.00
Multi Media Projector $50.00
Lavaliere Microphone if available $25.00
Microphone $15.00
Podium $25.00
Piano--includes tuning $225.00
Portable Staging $75.00
Risers/Platforms--per section excluding Symphony etc. $12.00
Table $8.00
Chairs--each $2.00
Linen for tables--per linen $6.00-$8.00
Flip Charts $25.00

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Box Office Rates

Note these rates are applicable if you use the CSI Fine Arts Box Office as your only or primary ticketing source, including phone-in ticket sales. We are happy to sell 30 face-to-face tickets to your event free of charge to you.

  • Online Ticketing Set-up Charge: $250
  • Ticket Sales: $3 per ticket sold
  • Credit Charges: 3% of credit sales
  • Sales Tax:  6% of all sales
  • $1 per order sent in the mail

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Booking Deposit

CSI Fine Arts Facility requires a booking deposit of $200 for the Fine Arts Auditorium, Theatre, and Atrium.  This booking deposit is not needed on dollar night.   The booking deposit is due during step three of the rental process. The booking deposit is applied toward the building rental fees.

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The Balance

All additional facility and equipment rental, personnel or box office fees, etc. are added to the base CSI Fine Arts rental fee. You will be billed for these charges after your performance. Payment is due within 30 days of your event.

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Proceeds from Your Ticket Sales

If you used the CSI Fine Arts Box Office for your ticket sales, your ticket sales proceeds will be sent to you in the mail (less the set-up charge, per ticket charges, credit card fees, and sales taxes) approximately two weeks after the event and after the facility rental fees are paid in full.

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You must have General Liability Insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.) naming the College of Southern Idaho as an "Additional Insured". You must provide a copy of a valid Certificate of Insurance to CSI during step three. This document is usually faxed to us directly from your insurance carrier. This amount may seem high, but is a common figure when insuring special events at an "offsite (i.e., not your)" location. Your insurance broker can provide you with information about how to obtain this insurance, if you do not already carry it.

If you are a private music teacher or similar renter, this certificate may be waived.

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Other Charges

  • Extraordinary Setup, Cleaning, or Late Fees - $50 per hour
    • Additional fees may be charged for unusual setup requirements, cleaning, or use of the facility beyond the normal operating hours of the Center.
  • Damages - Additional fees may be charged for damage to CSI facilities.

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